Bacon Strips

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Bacon Strips

Welcome to the official Bacon Strips website! Here you will find some of the most recent updates of Bacon Strips' releases, previews, and more! Remember to register to help us, help you! Most of the posts on this website will be by bacon strips himself. If you have no idea who Bacon Strips is, you can always check him out on other pages, like the ones listed below:

too lazy to click the links? well, Bacon Strips is a music producer of House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and, Chill/Downtempo music, and this is just his website so people can keep up to date easier, more simply, and quicker. There really isn't much else to say, so I hope you all enjoy the website!

Just a brief description

Bacon Strips is a music producer who has been producing music for about one year now. He started out with House Music, and now makes mostly the following genres:
•Drum and Bass
On this site, we will post some of his latest songs, and videos to keep you up to date. we may also even have some merchandise for sale pretty soon. Hope you enjoy the website! Thanks!